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Building Relationships               


Lota has been in business for over 25 years and our philosophy has never wavered: We support brands, we are not a brand! As experts in the products that we manufacture, and markets that we serve, our customers benefit from our knowledge and experience.


Our extensive research & development and sales & marketing resources around the world have one primary goal, to help our customers succeed. We take great pride in every process from start to finish and collaborate closely with our customers on design and engineering to ensure speed and quality at a competitive price. Lota can rapidly design, analyze, or reverse engineer new or existing products to optimize cost while still ensuring high quality.


Part of Lota’s Total Solution is the value added services we provide. Fresh new product styles, packaging design, market research, and product reset transitions are just a few examples. Our North American based customer and warranty service is available for post-sale support for those who require this help.




Quality And Value

The core of Lota’s business is quality. From the incoming inspection of raw materials to our certified testing facilities, our commitment to quality is visible in everything we do. Our advanced mechanical testing labs perform over 20 different tests to ensure quality. We constantly check for finish quality and consistency and all of Lota’s products are 100% water tested. Furthermore, Lota utilizes over 10,000 types of dimension measuring devices to confirm accurate measurements and tolerances.


Lota is ISO 9001 certified and has both IAPMO and CSA approved testing facilities on-site. These certified testing facilities ensure high quality while reducing lead times for certification approvals.


Lota’s commitment to training and development is a key reason for our success. We have aligned our organization to meet the needs and requirements of our customers and are fully engaged with projects from start to finish. Our goal goes beyond providing customers with high quality product at a low cost; we also strive to add value. Our engineering teams consistently look for better ways that will also result in lower cost. Lota’s rapid prototyping can bring new ideas to life in just weeks and helps to keep our customers ahead of their competition.




Lota Processes

Our worldwide headquarters is located in Xiamen, a coastal city in China’s Fujian province. Xiamen is a modern and industrial city with over 2.5 million people and a preferred manufacturing hub of numerous global corporations. Easily accessible by air, Xiamen has a major shipping port which reduces the time for product to reach our customers.


Lota remains unparalleled in infrastructure, with over $100M of invested capital in equipment and facilities. We are a fully vertically integrated supplier owning the key processes from design and manufacturing to finishing and final assembly. Our dedicated finishing center offers a wide variety of high quality and beautiful finishes, including over 35 production-ready finishes such as chrome, nickel, and bronze in brushed, weathered and distressed visuals.


An essential part of the manufacturing and operations at Lota is our advanced tooling design center with 3D molding design and mold flow analyzing capabilities. Another aspect of our streamlined operations is our assembly line processes which are designed to ensure consistency. Lota has always been conscious of our impact on the environment and is ISO 14001 certified.


Although the majority of our business is the manufacturing and final assembly of finished goods, some customers also purchase finished and tested components to support their own assembly facilities around the world.





Setting Us Apart


Lota works hard to tailor our customers’ experience to their needs. We offer a wide range of faucet and plumbing products including kitchen and bath faucets, showerheads and hand showers, bath accessories, and rough plumbing valves. And, Lota can "complete the suite" with matching vitreous china, lighting, and even door hardware.


Our products and clients range from opening price-point to decorative mainstream to luxury custom designs. Whether it’s a client design or one of Lota’s own collections, we manufacture to the most exacting specifications.




Our products include:


Shower Heads
Bath Hardware
Rough Valves

Vitreous China





The Lota Experience

Speed. Quality. Cost. From concept to launch there is no question that Lota provides an unmatched customer experience and total solution. Setting us apart from other companies in the industry, we take pride that the Lota experience truly is a unique one.

Lota ASIA, Founded 1982
Lota USA, Founded 2003
Lota Europe, Founded 2004

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